The MCA Dilemma Part 2

1. When the public demand for a clean and truthful politics therefore previously MCA had come out to reveal and show to the public that LYNAS is not dangerous. We are giving the real universal scientific facts and yet the public claim we are manipulating this issue although in reality MCA are they one that trying to enlighten the public from the great massive manipulation destruction done by the selfish opposition leaders for their own political benefit. Nobody on earth could ever manipulate universal science facts. But in Malaysia whatever the Pakatan Rakyat said will be a facts even it is against the universal science facts. Nobody will ever claim that they are deceiver and liar. The dilemma here is whatever MCA say even if it is real it will be unreal in the eyes of the public and no matter what Pakatan Rakyat said it will be real even if it is not.

2. Finally to respect the views of the public MCA had come out to make a stand that if LYNAS don’t agree to send back the waste management back to Australia then MCA strongly against it. The dilemma here is people will never give credit to MCA stand and some will even claim it is too late. But if MCA did not make a stand and when MCA stand is against the public view then public will say MCA is the government dog but now MCA is against the government regarding LYNAS but nobody will say MCA is brave. If they don’t then they will be known as coward.

3. When MCA is corrupted people will say MCA is bad but then when Pakatan Rakyat is proven to have corruption again and again then the people will come out and defend PR and put a blamed on BN for politicizing the issue. But when PR politicize BN/MCA corruption straight the public will come out and put the blame on the entire political party and coalition. Nobody came out and stand up against Selangor sand scandal right after Pakatan Rakyat came to power in Selangor or perhaps MCA was being too nice to go play the street protest game like how PR like to do?

4. Whenever any politician leave Pakatan Rakyat they will always put a blame that they are being bought over but when BN leaders quit and went over to Pakatan Rakyat they will be cherish as a hero. For years they had label all MCA leaders as evil , devil , bad , dog and corrupted but when the so called MCA evil , devil , bad and dog went over to PKR ( Datuk Chua Jui Meng ) then out of sudden overnight he became the public hero. I was just thinking is PR that holy and clean that whoever that is dirty need to cross over to their political party then they will transform from devil to an angel and dog to a dragon . Is PR actually a living sin cleansing entity ?

5. Lately PR had again politicize the Chinese Education system by giving their support to the 325 rally. They claim they went there as an ordinary citizen of Malaysia and yet they are wearing their own political party T Shirt while carrying their party banner. But when there a public entity organize a rally against DAP internal corruption regarding Teoh Beng Hock death ( it was reported in Royale Commission report ) and so happen few of MCA members was there then they make a big issue out of it that MCA politicize the issue.

6. When MCA Wee Ka Siong as Deputy Education Minister in the last 4 years had help to reduce the shortage of Chinese School Shortage of teacher from 4991 ( 20009 ) to 3043 (2010 ) to 2720 ( 2011) to 1874 in 2012 this year nobody will give credit to the effort taken to solve the shortage of the teacher. Nobody will give credit that from shortage of 4991 to 1874 that shows that MCA actually do care for Chinese education. PR will only demand and want it to be solved overnight as if MCA is God to supply shortage of teacher overnight.  First they say MCA dint do a SINGLE THING to solve this issue but when we manage to improve the supply of teacher in Chinese school yet they still say not good enough.  If MCA dint do a single thing then how come it improve from 4991 to 1874?

7. When there a flip flop decision in the cabinet MCA will be blame by the PR leaders and the community. When PPSMI was converted back from English back to Malay then the public blame that MCA is soft but when in LYNAS issue DAP Tang Seng Giaw challenged the government to set up a PSC on 26 February and the government accepted their challenged and 3 weeks later Lim Guan Eng called to boycott the PSC ? When Lim Guan Eng called to boycott PSC the public stand with him to attack PSC and nobody will actually attacked that DAP is the one calling for PSC and yet at the same time they are they that boycott it. But if such things were to happen in MCA then MCA will be curse to death.

Dearest Malaysian ,

Please be rational and look at the comparison and dilemma that MCA is facing . Basically no matter what they do or dont people will still attack them but then again they are never fair in their attacks as they are bias towards political party in Pakatan Rakyat that is immune to all wrongs and evilness.

MCA Dilemma Part 1

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