1SYA.com would like to apologise to Former DAP Veteran Tan Tuan Tat

I had received some calls from few of DAP member in Selangor to tell me that few of my earlier blog posting where DAP Tan Tuan Tat was sacked was the wrong information. They told me that DAP Tan Tan Tuan Tat had resigned way earlier before he get sacked so how on earth they can sacked him where he already resign earlier ?

“I was astonished to read press reports quoting (DAP disciplinary committee chairman) Tan Kok Wai announcing that I was sacked with immediate affect.

“I would appreciate it if Kok Wai knows the difference between the words ‘resigned’ and ‘sacked’,” said Tuan Tat during a press conference here yesterday.

Tuan Tat, who had been in the party for 18 years, left the party on Aug 16 after raising issues relating to the Selangor government and debt-ridden Talam Coporation.

He had expressed his outrage over a series of allegations against the Parti Keadilan Rakyat-led state government that it used some RM1 billion in public funds to bail out the troubled firm.

“I publicly announced that I had quit the party at noon and faxed a letter to DAP headquarters at 2.43pm (on Aug 16).

“It’s impossible for me to have been sacked before that (time) because I was scheduled to attend a DAP disciplinary hearing later that day.”

Tuan Tat, who was also Selangor DAP auditor and Taman Sungai Pelek branch chairman, was supposed to attend the hearing at 4pm.

He was accused of creating 149 phantom members for the formation of three branches in Sungai Pelek, following a complaint against him by Salak Baru branch secretary Lee Kwi Keong in March.

“DAP is probably the first party in the world to sack a member after he had submitted his resignation letter,” said Tuan Tat.

The DAP grassroots leader added that the the party’s disciplinary committee had initiated an inquiry on him based on petty complaints.

“It is apparent that Kok Wai planned to gain political mileage by defaming and silencing me.”

Tan Tuat further alleged that Kok Wai was a leader who practised double standards, selective discrimination and bias towards vocal DAP members.

“I have lost faith in some of DAP’s leaders for their cronyism, unfairness, injustice and their habit of finding fault with members. Such acts are very demoralising to members.”


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