Budget 2013 : BN vs PR

1. Barisan Nasional Budget 2013 are the REAL PEOPLE BUDGET. Our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib for few months had been asking for public suggestion , opinion , needs and wants to submit to him in his social networking site before he eventually present and finalize our budget according to our Malaysian public needs and wants. ( Barisan Nasional Budget are the RAKYAT BUDGET ).

2. Pakatan Rakyat Budget 2013 are the budget that they form it themselves and claim is from the public but had never have any campaign to ask the public opinion before they presented their budget.

3.  Pakatan Rakyat Budget 2013 is aiming to hit at 5.2 % GDP ( target ) but under Barisan Nasional government we already hit and achieved 5.4% this year.

4. Pakatan Rakyat current Budget 2013 is based on our Barisan Nasional governance revenue and source of income. Things will be different under their administration.

5. BN Budget and Economic plan and policy will create more job opportunity as we had low unemployment rate after our Prime Minister Najib had taken over the leadership to govern our country.

6. If Pakatan Rakyat were to take over then 50% of the civil servant will be reduce ( 700 000 workers ) , another at least 10 00 people who work in the toll will lose their job and also another 18 000 Genting Workers will lose their job when Pakatan Rakyat shut down Genting after taking over Federal Government. Easily in times to come at least 1 million Malaysian current worker will risk themselves for losing their job.

7. Pakatan Rakyat claim that their budget is non racial policy but in Kedah they have increase the Bumiputera House Loan from 30% to 50% and from 50% to 70% !. In BN budget we give out RM 500 to all Malaysian no matter what gender , religion or races ( this is only the true non racial policy ) .

8. Pakatan Rakyat real budget will require RM 206.5 Billion to support all their free goodies and sweet promises which predicted our country will goes bankcrupt in less than 2 years time.

9. Their 1.2 Billion Free Wifi is a waste of tax payer money where Penang government had already implement it but majority of the Penang peple do no enjoy their Wifi services where only restricted in certain area and even those few ares the line and connection is extremely slow to access and surf the internet.

10. Our entire country economic revenue will be badly affected after Pakatan Rakyat implement their PAS Hudud where will affect a lot industry , tourism , investor and social economic totally different from the government under Barisan Nasional .

11. PAS claim that PR 2013 budget is their version of Negara Berkebajikan but then such concept already proven to be a fail economic plan in Kelantan for more than easily 2 decades for being among the poorest state in Malaysia. By having another type of PAS Kelantan Negara Kebajikan economic policy at Federal Level will be an extremely bad and weak economic policy.

12. Pakatan Rakyat only present their Shadow Budget but they have never present their Shadow Cabinet . How can a budget be run effectively without a proper team of Cabinet Minister ? Is like selling an idea or strategy how to play a football game but never suggest or present a list of football player to play the game.


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