Dearest MCA Members & Supporters

Dearest MCA Members & Supporters

Overall MCA is Still The Winner

You all should treat failure as how you all treat MCA success in the past. Never back down just because you all face Mac 2008 major injury.  Failure sometimes is the root towards success.

Pakatan Rakyat and DAP had fail for more than 50 years battle and only succeed once. If goes back to statistic MCA is still the winner. Never let 1 battle that had ended to haunt all of you until now.

Pakatan Rakyat may be at their prime now but because of this prime they also at their weakest now. Their internal battle and fighting among themselves is the worst of their political party and coalition history.

Pakatan Rakyat Can Be Beaten

I was never a member of MCA. I only serve and work MCA for the last 8 months of my life. I have to accept the fact that is way harder to fight against them than fighting together with them.  But I never surrender a single battle against any of them. They can be beaten. They are not always right. There are so many flaws and weakness in them.

If I one person can take almost all of them then there are no reason that most of you cant. Unity is strength. You all should stay united as a force to strike any battle against them. Pakatan Rakyat is weakest in defensive battle where most of the time they are only good in attacking. Attack them well and attack them hard and you will be surprised that they are not as good as you think.

They are the Hero today but that does not indicate that they will not be Zero tomorrow. Fight them and fight them hard. Never back down. Never slow down.

If me and bunch of my friends which are not even a member or supporter of MCA can go all out in fighting them then what reason on earth you all as a member and supporter of MCA  not going all out and do whatever it takes to crush your enemy and opponent in the battlefield ?

MCA is Like Your Family

Not to say if you never touch , destroy , crush or kill them they will be thankful to you. You are in a political party. You are in the battlefield. You represented your party. Is just like how your family is keep being attack left , right , front and back and you choose not to defend your family to fight back?

Even if you don’t kill you will be killed. To have differences and issue among family members is normal in every family but whenever you all faces the enemy you all must be united to fight them.

MCA is Dog ?

People can say whatever they all want to say about MCA but as a member you all should be proud to be a member of MCA. If they call you Dog then just reply them that at least Dog is a loyal animal and at least Dog is human best friend. Yes. MCA is a Dog. MCA is a Dog of the Chinese Community and the entire Malaysian Society ( the Rakyat is the owner of MCA ). As if they are that angel or saint? They are just multiple faces wolves that changes skin and faces from time to time to seduce the public of how good they are. At least a Dog is way better animal than a wolf .

MCA President Is A Porn Star ?

They can claim that your President is a Porn Star. So what? At least your President got the guts to be responsible for his own action to resign all his position and find his way back.  At least your President goes through the real democracy system of being elected by the party members compare to their Ketua Umum which shouted for democracy but never for once he gone through the elected system. He was appointed and not elected. At least your president is brave enough to admit and apologize than running away from the truth. At least he did not come with reason and excuses and worst try to point finger and put the blame on others for their own mistake.

MCA is Corrupted ?

MCA is corrupted? No. Human is corrupted. Is those few individual that eat money inside our party that destroy the reputation of the organization. At least our former President ( Tun Ling Liong Sik ) is brought to court compare to all Pakatan Rakyat leader after Mac 2008 never for once action taken against them. At least after Mac 2008 there not even a single MCA leader was involve in any corruption scandal. They should question Selangor Sand Mining Scandal. Teresa Kok , Ronnie Liu , Au Yong Hian Wah , Nga Kor Ming and list of their local council corruption scandal. If MCA is really corrupted then the party they supported is also equally corrupted.  If the say MCA corrupted more then you should say PR corrupted fastest. Less than a year after in power already expose to so much corruption scandal

MCA is The Wife and Pakatan Rakyat is The Mistress

If they the public hate MCA then just tell them if that is so the public voted for them not because they love them but just because they hate MCA and that is why they voted for them.  They are like the public mistress of GF material but never a wife material. On short term love life the public can be with them but for a long term secure relationship the public still stick to BN. That is why the Rakyat had married with BN for more than 50 over years. They are the public 1st love. Perhaps they are bored now and that is why they are treating PR as their mistress of GF but sooner or later every man will goes back to their wife.

BERSIH and Dirty Election ?

If they claim our election system is dirty then just ask them to clean their own internal party election first. Mind their own business. If PKR last round internal election face with more than 160 complaints then are they that clean to question SPR in the first place?

Members Getting Out from MCA?

If they claim that some of our leaders and members start to go out from our party. Just reply them that is good because it helps MCA to do auto cleansing and only Pakatan Rakyat is interested to welcome our reject stock.

13 General Election ?

If they say GE13 let see who win will then you just need to reply them LETS SEE THEN ! Meanwhile doing everything that you can to help MCA to win it. Winning and losing in life is not the issue. Most importantly your fighting spirit must remain there.  As long as your fighting spirit is there then everything is possible in this world.



You all loses not because they are great or good. You all loses just because you all are not united or choose to be weak. You all are not weak ! You all are being make by the opposition as if you all looks weak. Never ever let it happen again.

Stand Up Now. Show to THEM WHAT You all got. Show to Them how strong you all can be. Show to them who is the real winner out of this whole war.

Whatever they wanted to say let them say. Never ever feel shy of being a member or supporter of MCA. At the end of the day when all of you is united and fight this battle well and bring back MCA to its prime and glory then all this opportunist will come back to you all soon. This is life.

You Are The Fate Decider of Pakatan Rakyat Victory or Failure

I am not sure most of you realize or not that MCA is actually healing and recovering. You all are on the high momentum and opportunity to perform and deliver even way better compare to last round. You all should have faith that MCA is on the way to regain its prime. Your president is a Genius and he is 1 of the most gifted leader of MCA of all time. Even the great Secretary General of DAP and Chief Minister of Penang is no match to him in a debate then that just show that you all are having the right leader to lead this battle towards Victory.  Even the great leader of Pakatan Rakyat when faces him in a debate can shrink and looks like a kid on that day then there no reason you all are in anyway weaker than them. You all in reality are actually way much more stronger than them. You all just need to belief and have faith in your President. Stay united behind him and go all out to win this war with pride and glory.

You all must continue to fight. Do everything that it takes to crush opposition. They will be beaten by you all. They will lose to you all. They will be weaker than you all.  You all must be the master of their destiny.

In the past when you all are not happy and not united you all let them win. This round be the master of their destiny again and let them lose. You all are the one that decide their fate of losing or winning. That just show how powerful you all are in reality.

Why? MCA got millions of members and if only every single member vote and go all out to help BN/MCA then what are the reason we will ever lose?

In this war our team and solider is way much more huge than them multiple times.


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