Vote For Pakatan Rakyat = Women Will Fine For Cutting Male Hair

KOTA BARU: Hair dressing salon operators are learning the hard way that gender segregation rules in Kelantan apply to non-Muslims as well.

They have had to pay many summonses for allowing their female workers to cut the hair of non-Muslim male patrons, which they thought was permissible.

E-Life Hair Salon manager Ong Lee Ting said she had settled 11 summonses since she opened for business in KB Mall in 2010.

The fines were imposed under Section 107(2) of the Local Council Act by-laws which prohibits a woman from cutting the hair of a man and vice versa regardless of religion.

“I have been paying fines of between RM200 and RM350,” said Ong, who was issued the latest summons on Tuesday.

“I find the by-laws confusing … they should not apply to a non-Muslim woman cutting the hair of a non-Muslim man.”

Gender segregation is among the controversial regulations imposed by the PAS state government, which insists that the rule be also observed at supermarket check-outs.

The last time Ong went to the local council office to pay a compound, she was told that the licence for the salon would be revoked because of the many summonses issued to the operator.

However, council secretary Mohd Anis Hussein said: “As long as they (the salon owners) pay the compounds, they will be allowed to operate.”

He added that the salon owners understood the by-laws and the consequences of ignoring them.

Nice Hair Salon manager Alice Ong Lee Ruong was baffled by the rule.

“I would understand it if we were fined for allowing our women workers to cut the hair of Muslim men. But they were attending to non-Muslim men,” she said.

Ong, who had settled 10 summonses so far, wondered for how long she would have to pay fines.

“They are not cheap and we have to consider the high rental, salaries of our workers and other expenses,” she said.

Another salon manager, who declined to be named, said the council by-laws were making life difficult for hair dressers.

She had been issued four summonses so far.

Kelantan MCA information chief Tan Ken Ten said the by-laws were “not friendly” to non-Muslim business circles.

“The council, in its zest to implement Islamic principles in its by-laws, has caused hardship to the non-Muslim business community,” he added.

National PAS Supporters Congress chairman Hu Pang Chaw agreed that the by-laws should not apply to non-Muslim women cutting the hair of non-Muslim men.

He urged the council to review the ruling. –

1. Millions of Malaysian will lose their job if the Rakyat choose to vote for Pakatan Rakyat to come into power

2. A lot of Saloon will end up close shop when a law that prohibit a women to cut a man hair.

3. DAP and PKR had been deceiving our dearest Malaysian that their Islamic law and value will never be imposed against non-Muslims community but in this case it had already proven that it is a greatest lie when even a Chinese women is cutting a Chinese male hair will be legally wrong in the eyes of Pakatan Rakyat PAS in Kelantan.

4. I urge all Malaysian to open up your eyes and stop believing in all Pakatan Rakyat lies where it will never be imposed against non-Muslims.

5. Do you all seriously want to vote for a change  ? Do you all want to vote for gender freedom to mingle around ( BN ) to gender segregation under Pakatan RAKYAT ( PKR , PAS , DAP ).

6. Some may claimed that they will be voting against PAS but will give their votes to both PKR and DAP. But a vote to DAP and PKR is also a vote to PAS.

7. That was in Kelantan where a women is not allowed to cut a man hair. Even in Selangor after Pakatan Rakyat took over they had shut down a Cinema in Banggi and even once suggested to separate men and women in the Cinema . 7/11 that sell alcohol in Selangor was also raided back then.

8. During the earlier Raya Open House in Negeri Sembilan , even DAP Youth Chief defended and supported PAS to separate the gender in an open house public event.

9. What type of changes that we are really hoping for? Are we seriously ready for this type of change?

10. Why do both DAP and PKR just silent up regarding this hair saloon issue in Kelantan ? Do the Rakyat still want to gamble to trust them ?

11. It will be even more dangerous when the most likely Prime Minister from Pakatan Rakyat now will be PAS President , Hadi Awang. Do the non – Malays seriously want Hadi Awang to be our Prime Minister ?

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