Pakatan Rakyat Supporter Cannot Accept The Facts of Their Own Flaws

Soong Weei Wah Shen Yee Aun…from the above yr comments …i can know tat…u never investigate the truth of the story. ,Shame of u
1. The above is my friend…who is working as volunteer worker during the above champaign…as the rule…all the workers do not need to be hunger because thy are supposely to provide help to all the protesters…
Soong Weei Wah 2ndly….all the protestors can choose the the number of day of their strike …some thy joined in 2nd day….some thy joined in 3 rd day….and some …because of health problems and doctor has advised to stop the strike n take some food. Some are really on strike on the very 1st day….so now u tell me… can u find out who is Curi Makan here ya ?
Soong Weei Wah Shen Yee Aun….for my advices here to you… the whole story very carefully before u make yrself a fool : )
Soong Weei Wah Shen Yee Aun….from the big mistake u had made on the above judgment ……how can we believe in you for every of yr new posts now ?
1.  Now LYNAS Supporter want to talk about Truth ? Now PR supporter is talking about investigation of the truth ? This protest and hunger strike should not even be organized in the first place. If you want to talk about Truth then LYNAS is the greatest political deception of all time. Until today Lim Guan Eng and other Malaysian political leader is still deceiving the public that LYNAS is = Nuclear. Quote me even 1 neutral expert in science or engineering to claimed that LYNAS is Nuclear ? DAP quoted IAEA report that their Solar Plant ( proven to cause much damage and radiation than LYNAS ) is safe. It is the same agency ( IAEA ) that also quoted that LYNAS is safe.Until today Kuantan MP Fuzziah Salleh still avoiding all the debate challenge to prove that LYNAS is dangerous. Even PAS President Hadi Awang urge the members to follow Dr Rosli Suggestion that LYNAS is safe and Dr Rosli himself is a nuclear expert. Even DAP Pahang Chief Leong Nga Nga is supporting LYNAS .So what truth are you talking about ?
2. Look at how he contradicts with the statement of the organizer ? The organizer claimed that those who get caught are those committee member of this protest and now DAP Cyber Troopper claimed that is actually a volunteer . If volunteer is really sincere in helping the protestor then they should be at Dataran Merdeka together with the group of protestor and not enjoying their comfort inside the hotel room.
3. So I wonder in this whole DAP Lynas political manipulation , deception and lies who is actually making a fool out of themselves ?
4.  This DAP Cyber Trooper comment even further proven that not all protestor hunger for 100 hour. Some is just few days and some is just few hours. Well , it is not for me to say how long or short they should protest but it is their own Organizer that pledge for a 100 hour hunger strike. Even worst when he now want to quote some got medical and health problem and they even allowed and encouraged them to risk their life for the political deception. This just show how much they care for the people.
5. Talking about the TRUTH? You guys be the judge
Malaysian Youths Against Public Hazard spokesman Tan Woen Tian claimed that those caught eating were members of the organising committee.

( Such reply is not a very good answer where the NGO and Organizing Committee do not lead by an example. How could they encouraged other people to protest and yet at the same time they themselves as the Committee member is allowed to eat ? Even when the protestor slept outside Dataran Merdeka where the committee members sleeping inside the hotel. This is extreme double standard and unfair to their own supporter. How could they preach something that they themselves can never deliver ? Why must our Malaysian be so naive to let them use as their political tool ? – SYA)

( This is just another issue where Pakatan Rakyat politicians is allowed to enjoy luxury and be corrupted where the Rakyat continue to suffer. Anwar can seat on a private jet and Lim Guan Eng is rich enough to rent a RM 9000 bungalow house in Penang. Ngeh Koo Ham and Nga Kor Ming is allowed to corrupt RM 30 million . Teo Nie Ching is allowed to swindle RM 500 – RM 1000 of her own service center operation money. DAP Ronnie Liu brother own a 8 digit resort in Raub . DAP MPPJ gave a RM 55 000 law contract to DAP MP Lim Lip Eng where in reality it was supposed to be not more than RM 15 000. DAP Nga Kor Ming gave a Perak State Contract to his own wife after took over Perak in less than 49 days. DAP Tersesa Kok is enjoying multiple salary that easily will hit RM 50 000 every month . Please ! Please never tell me how BN is corrupted where 2 wrong do not make 1 right. Pakatan Rakyat promise to change and the real change can only be materialized if they do not act like certain corrupted BN leaders. If they are also corrupted then what changes they are asking the Rakyat to vote for? – SYA)

5.Solidariti Anak Muda Malaysia (SAMM) chief Badrul Hisham Shaharin, popularly known as Chegubard, said the objective of the campaign was to raise awareness against Lynas.“It is not about whether people were willing to go hungry for 100 hours.“It is about using every means they can to raise awareness against issues that should be of concern to the public,” he said.

( Can we quote Chegubard metaphor where it is not about whether Pakatan Rakyat will fulfill all their promises when they took over the throne but it is more about using every means they can to bring down Barisan Nasional to be the next Federal Government. No wonder Selangor Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim claimed that manifesto is not a promises and now even Chegubard claimed that it is not important to go for full 100 hour strike protest that they themselves pledge to strike. Should the Rakyat continue to trust them and vote for them ? )

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