Azmin Ali ADMIT He Was Involved in the Corruption Scandal?


PETALING JAYA: PKR deputy president Azmin Ali has asked why it took the authorities 17 years to pursue a corruption case against him.

“Why didn’t they do it during 1995, 96, 97? It’s been 17 years since 1998.

“Whatever action that needed to be taken… should have been done 17 years ago. Why was this matter raised (again) last week. Even the IO (investigating officer) has passed away,” he told reporters here.

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Dear Azmin Ali ,

If let say you murder a person 17 years ago but today only you get caught then will it ever deny the facts that you are a still murderer ?

Glad that this time you never came out with Pakatan Rakyat famous reply where you are being set up or is a political conspiracy against you.

When question pointed out regarding your scandal and never even deny it. So in this sense can we ever conclude that you indirectly already ADMIT that you really involved in the corruption scandal?

In a lot of your Ceramah your claim that if Pakatan Rakyat ever came into power you all will convict and punish those BN leaders who are involved in corruption ( their corruption may be as long as 17 years back ).

So the question now is no longer when or why now only it became an issue. The question will be as simple as did you ever involved in the corruption scandal pointed out to you?

Even if you want to ask the question of how long then we would like to ask you why it takes you so long to reply to this allegations then?

I thought usually Pakatan Rakyat leaders are very fast and efficient in answering to any allegations against them?

Even now you had finally reply and answer towards this question but you had never deny that you never involve in the scandal.

Having said that you ALREADY ADMIT THAT YOU INVOLVE IN THE CORRUPTION but your only concern now is only why this issue is being brought up now?

If you really like to ask the question of why is now and not 17 years back then we would also like to ask you why all your attacks regarding Barisan Nasional and UMNO only happen lately but not back then while you are still in UMNO?


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