5 Years ( 1800 Days ) Service Jason Teoh vs 5 Weeks ( 35 Days ) Touch & Go Lim Kit Siang


Service vs Touch & Go

1.  Jason Teoh is the Gelang Patah MCA Division Chairman in Gelang Patah and had been moving actively since after the 12th General Election to serve and help the Gelang Patah community to solved their problems . On the other hand , Lim Kit Siang had just announced to contest in Gelang Patah not long ago and most likely will be just in Gelang Patah maximum for 5 weeks before the 13th General Election from the day he announced.

Long Term vs Short Term

2. Jason Teoh is a young and upcoming politician in MCA while Lim Kit Siang is already an old veteran that live during Tun Mahathir era. There few possibilities here. The end of next term for Lim Kit Siang will be his 76 year old and if there anything goes wrong in between then the people need to go for another by election during this 5 years period. And if by 76 Lim Kit Siang still active then for how long still he can be in Gelang Patah ? Moreover is not the first time he travel from places to places and abandon the voters for him to win and run away to other places after he won.

100% Time in Johor vs 10% Time in Johor

3. Jason Teoh had been 100% committed and actively in not only Johor but also Gelang Patah since the day he started his political career while Lim Kit Siang hardly to be seen in Johor. Lim Kit Siang is only in Johor lately when he intended to contest in Johor. So why do Johorean wanted a leader who had once chosen to abandon Johor and now only came back for his own selfish interest and agenda ?

Young Blood vs Old Blood

4. To move our nation forward the people need to vote for younger leaders because they are our future leaders that will shape our country. Lim Kit Siang time is limited and he should give way to young blood to take the lead.

Johor BN  Economy vs Penang DAP Economy

5. So far the was never a single issue in Johor that BN fail to deliver their promises to the Rakyat while there are a lot of issues that Lim Kit Siang own son in Penang had fail to deliver to the people in Penang. In addition to that , Johor state economy and state FDI is way better than Penang. Penang under Lim Kit Siang son ( Lim Guan Eng ) had decrease by 73% of the state investment since he took over Penang and this was never happen in the history of BN ruling Penang. Johorean should not risk themselves to destroy Johor economy and FDI in the wrong hands.

Stable Gelang Patah BN vs Chaotic Gelang Patah PR

6. All the entire BN component party including current incumbent is willing to give way to MCA Jason Teoh to be their only choice of candidate while there a huge fight between DAP and PKR over Gelang Patah seat . Before even winning the seat there already a huge deep hole conflict in Pakatan Rakyat then how can the Gelang Patah rakyat wanted to vote for such a chaotic Pakatan Rakyat ? This is what MCA mean by Stability Above Chaos.

Upcoming Power vs Legendary General That Loses His Power

7. Such a great old veteran leader like Lim Kit Siang have loses his influence and party Sovereignty to declare the seat that he wanted to contest and need to rely on Anwar and PKR to announced on DAP behalf then that just shows that Lim Kit Siang already a Tun Mahathir era expired date old general that already loses his power. While Jason Teoh is among the youngest Johor leader in Johor . Many area already tested Lim Kit Siang for the last 5 decades of Malaysia political area and the people now should give a chance for Jason Teoh to perform .

In summary do Gelang Patah voters wanted to vote for a candidate that is closer to you and can visit him anytime in his service center and in Gelang Patah or a leader that after voted him in power and he is hardly to be seen in your area where Lim Kit Siang stays in PJ more time than in Johor ? Even for the last 5 years he stays in Penang to visit his son Lim Guan Eng more than he ever appear in Perak Ipoh Timur.

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