SYA Personal View on Mustaffa Ali Sex Scandal

Dear Malaysian Politics, they should learn to draw aline between religion and personal sex life..-Jezamine Lim Iskander

1.  I do not agree with the way certain BN bloggers and cyber troopers to play up this issue. The reason will be everybody is entitle to their own personal life .

2. Invasion of another person privacy is worst than just a consensus sex crime .

3. It is only acceptable to play up this issue if this is only a rape sex crime.

4. One must always remember that 2 wrong does not make 1 right. If Mustaffa Ali is wrong then invasion of another person privacy and circulating 18sx picture and news do not make another person more angel than the person that is involving in the sex scandal.

5. Malaysian must draw a line between politics and personal life.

6. Another person personal life issue should never be an issue in the election. We should not narrow down our mentality to just another person personal life.

7.  Although it is wrong for PAS to use religion in politics but it is not right for BN to link Mustaffa Ali issue with Islam. Mustaffa Ali is Mustaffa Ali. Islam is Islam. Do not tarnish any particular religion just because of those few bad people while neglecting that majority of good Islam followers.



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