Why Lim Kit Siang May Consider To Ambush Johor ?

Reason No 1 : To Kill Boo Cheng Hau For Lim Guan Eng

It had been many years Johor DAP State Veteran General ( Boo Cheng Hau ) cannot see eye to eye with both Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng. Boo Cheng Hau had been the most vocal leader to speak against both Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng .

When Lim Kit Siang move to Perak back then in 2008 the power and influence of Ngeh and Nga Kor Ming manage to be balance up with LKS presence in Perak.

This time LKS may do his son ( Lim Guan Eng ) a favour if he were to ever to lead the battle for DAP in Johor. When that happen Boo Cheng Hau will be no longer leading DAP Johor political battle for the upcoming General Election and right after General Election will be the time for LKS to slowly expand his Lim Dynasty influence in Johor to counter the influence of LGE DAP internal rival in Johor.

LKS knows that his son LGE had offended a lot of people within and inside the party. The only thing he can do as a father will be to reduced the influence and power of all the LGE internal rivals inside the party.

He knew the facts that he is already old and wont be long to take care of LGE for a long time . He know the current political reality of the strength of his son inside the party. The overnight recruited or promoted by Lim Guan Eng like Tony Pua , Teo Nie Ching , Hannah Yeoh , Ng Wei Aik , Jeff Ooi , Liew Chin Tong , Au Yong Hian Wah , Charles Santiago and a list of newcomers are not the type of politician that rise from DAP local grassroots. For those who know DAP internal infighting will know that most of this newcomers cannot see eye to eye with their local grassroots leader in their own area and division. Moreover they are too young , inexperienced , fresh and immature in the political arena.

Most of them looks more like a professional , academician , NGO than a real politician. The only factor that is holding to Lim Guan Eng influenced inside the party dependent on Lim Kit Siang list of loyal general that control large numbers and influence over the party grassroots and delegate.

Those are like Karpal Singh , TAN KOK WAI ! , Fong Kui Lun , Tang Seng Giaw and a list of old veteran inside the party. Lim Kit Siang is a very experience politician to foresee that both him and the list of old loyal veteran general cannot be there in DAP for Lim Guan Eng forever.

The semi veteran DAP General like Teng Chang Khim ( Selangor ) , Boo Cheng Hau ( Johor ) , Ngeh & Nga ( Perak ) , Goh Leng San ( Melaka ) are way much more popular , wise , experience , capable than LGE list generation of made Generals inside the party. Most importantly they rise from grassroots and hold a large number of party influence in their own state.

LKS already did LGE a favour in Perak to neutralize Ngeh & Nga influence and it wont be a surprise if he plan to stop Johor Boo Cheng Hau in the upcoming general election to show and teach Boo Cheng Hau a lesson of who is the real BOSS in DAP. If Boo Cheng Hau is not careful he may even get killed by LKS in Johor because is not the first time LKS is harsh is destroying all his internal rivals. About 63 TOP DAP LEADER AND FAMOUS GENERAL had been sacked and chop off by LKS in all his years inside DAP.

He mastermind the infighting of DAP Perak so well to neutralize Ngeh & Nga influenced using Kulasegeran and Thomas Su as his political chess pawn for his game plan. Even Nga Kor Ming internal wife corruption scandal was actually being betray by own DAP member inside to leak out to BN leaders to bring down Nga Kor Ming.

Therefore Boo Cheng Hau must be really careful with Lim Kit Siang next move to Johor.

Reason 2 : No Faith in Datuk Seri Chua Jui Meng As A Prominent Chinese Leader for PR in Johor

Although LKS will never say or admit this facts but we all knew that they know the current political reality where a person like Chua Jui Meng had been the reject stock of MCA overnight came into power inside PKR Johor is not a capable Chinese leader to lead the battle in Johor.

He knew the facts that Johor need a prominent Chinese leader to lead the political battle in the state. Even Boo Cheng Hau in Johor is way much powerful , influential and capable if were to compare to Chua Jui Meng.

It is the facts that LKS knew Chua Jui Meng is never the one for Johor and Johor  will never be captured with the ability and capability of a person like CJM.

Therefore it wont be a surprised if he may choose Johor as his next destination.

Killing 2 Birds With 1 Stone ( Boo Cheng Hau & Chua Jui Meng )

Reason 3 : Helping PAS to be the Menteri Besar in Johor after helping PAS in Perak

Salahuddin Ayub is one of the PAS most prominent leader and he already pledge to be in Johor next round. If he capture the state no doubt that there will be prominent from DAP & PKR to take over the Menteri Besar position in Johor. There is already a campaign inside Johor Pakatan Rakyat to make Salahuddin Ayub to be the Menteri Besar.

There a list of prominent Malay leaders in PKR that can be fielded in Johor to take over the MB position if they ever capture the state but why must it be Salahuddin Ayub from PAS? The most prominent Malay leaders among Pakatan Rakyat to be fielded in Johor.

So is crystal clear that PAS will be DAP Johor choice of MB if Pakatan ever capture it.

Boo Cheng Hau had been actively campaign that DAP/Chinese can be the MB if they ever take over and LKS had never say a word to support Boo Cheng Hau allegations then is already so clear that LKS already plan to help PAS to be the next MB in Johor.

If so happen he contest in Johor and so happen PR won then only PAS can be the real MB with the support of DAP. If LKS never put his foot in Johor then DAP Johor will still be in the hand of Boo Cheng Hau that may not want to help PAS to be the real MB.

For PAS to the MB only LKS can materialize it.


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