LKS Begins To Strike Johor DAP Chief Boo Cheng Hau

DAP members protest against party’s Johor chief

JOHOR BARU: A small group of DAP members held a protest outside the office of the party’s state chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau, claiming that he had not helped the Indian community.

Taman Saga DAP branch chairman V. Thulasi Das claimed that although Dr Boo had no qualms about helping the Chinese, he gave excuses and turned down many requests from the Indians.

“It is frustrating as the DAP always says that it is willing to help people from all races. But Dr Boo prefers to just help the Chinese,” he said after the protest in front of Dr Boo’s office in Taman Seri Orkid here yesterday.

He said he had informed the party’s central committee but no action had been taken against Dr Boo.

Thulasi and 11 other DAP members from the area also stepped on a DAP flag and held placards criticising Dr Boo during their protest.

Dr Boo, meanwhile, rubbished the allegations.

“The last time I saw Thulasi was five years ago. How could he have brought people to my office when I have not seen him since 2007?

“I am giving him two weeks to come up with an apology, or else I will be forced to take legal action against him for defaming me and tarnishing my name and the party’s reputation,” he said.

In my previous two article I already wrote that the last thing Lim Kit Siang will do before he retire from politics is to ensure his son Lim Guan Eng a stable position inside the party .

Article 1 :

Article 2 :

The rising power of Selangor Teng Chang Khim , Perak Ngeh & Nga and Johor Boo Cheng Hau will be the decrease of Lim Guan Eng dictator influence inside the party.

Boo Cheng Hau had been slowly hit by certain DAP members and leaders in Johor for some time. Now the latest protest against him is to decrease his rising influence in Johor.

It wont be a surprise if LKS is the mastermind behind this political scenario inside DAP. LKS will do everything it takes to make sure his son LGE carry his legacy inside DAP and he will try do do everything he can to destroy all his political rival.

Boo Cheng Hau is very popular among the DAP Chinese in Johor and is time for LKS to decrease his popularity and influenced among the growing Indian inside the party.

In addition to that LGE is sending 1 of his top Indian General ( Senator Ramakrishna ) from Selangor to Johor to neutralize Boo Cheng Hau influenced in Johor. It wont be a surprised if Senator Ramakrishna from Selangor may be 1 of the outside export candidate to Johor in the upcoming general election.

This is exactly the same game happen in Perak where LKS top Indian General Kulasegaran is battling hard against the both Ngeh and Nga.

Indians that is not loyal to LKS & LGE will be sacked and that is why in Kuala Kubu Baru there a local strong DAP Indian leader that controls the power of Indian and Hindu community over there had been sacked. And Indians that is Loyal to them will be used and send to kill of their internal political rival.

That is why the impatient LKS and LGE is trying to destroy Karpal Singh Indian influenced inside the party by creating a platform for Ramasamy to be the real Indian leader inside DAP.

Therefore as I said earlier the battle against Boo Cheng Hau in Johor will get even stronger and tougher after this.




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