DAP : The Best OSCAR Demoracy Acting Award Winner

DAP are the one SHOUTED for Democratic Right

DAP are the one SHOUTED for Freedom of Speech

DAP are the one SHOUTED for the Right to Assemble , Peace Demonstration / Rally and Protest

DAP are the one SHOUTED for Freedom of Media

DAP are the one supporting the LARGE DEMONSTRATION OF BERSIH

At the same time they are also the one oppressing the freedom of their own party leaders , members and supporters to speak out when a series of GAG ORDER had been release to prevent them from speaking.

They are also the one banning Utusan Malaysia , Berita Harian and New Straight Times from covering their state government news in Penang under the leadership of DAP Lim Guan Eng.

They claim BERSIH protest is their right. On the other hand they just sacked 2 of their party Indian members when the party members demonstrate against them for mishandling the branch meeting in Johor.

This is extremely double standard where if they were to held demonstration then they have their rights but when their own party member held demonstration against them then they are wrong.


They claim our enforcement are BRUTAL and yet at the same time their own party enforcement took a HARSH ACTION to sacked 2 of DAP members ( 1 of them is a Branch Chairman ) then their action is not brutal?

This is extremely bias and unfair of DAP where such a dictator leadership that shouted for democratic and demonstration right are the one going against.

See how the way they being the great ACTOR of all time to deceive the public of who they really are?  That is why what MCA President Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek say is true where if there an award for OSCAR then DAP will surely win.

Dearest Malaysian , are you still willing to blindly belief and trust DAP that they really will give you the changes that you all wanted? Look at how they treat their OWN PARTY MEMBERS ! Just imagine if they come into power and they are the one ruling all of you ? They will be more worst than then current Barisan Nasional.

This also show a strong indication that Lim Kit Siang is trying all his way to help Lim Guan Eng to politically decrease all the influence of his own internal rival. They further take this move to sacked 2 of DAP member in Johor to give a strong message to all Johor DAP members to transfer their support from Boo Cheng Hau towards Lim Guan Eng or the will face the same fate like the 2 members that DAP had just sacked.

Lim Kit Siang is using his own DAP loyalist ( Tan Kok Wai ) to exercise this movement of decreasing Boo Cheng Hau influenced in Johor.


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